. . . unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.”
¬ Peter F. Drucker (American Educator and Writer, b.1909)
Let me start by saying that I am aware of the fact that it’s Monday, and anything else other than the slacking around that we all did on the weekend is the last thing we want to hear about.
The other week the nice postman delivered a NET-A-PORTER catalog to my door, which is actually more like a high-quality magazine, than a regular catalog. And which, at the end, had designated sections for notes in the form of Shopping planner”, “Things to do” AND a very cute “Outfit planner”. Hence I was inspired!
And so, for all the other control freaks out there, and anyone else who would like to join our neat and tidy group, I’ve design our very own Outfit Planner template! Everytime you want to remember a successful outfit, remember when you wore what, or just plan outfits in advance, this might just come in as useful.
Now, the original idea was a database with a nice interface, that is search-able by item of clothing, color, material etc. And I do am still working on it. Yet until I become less technologically-challenged, I hope you’ll put this template to good use.
Bellow you can find the instructions, which you might not even necessarily need, but I’ve been looking for an excuse to do a step-by-step tutorial such as this ever since I saw something similar at Nookie’s, so indulge me please 🙂

A few little and, I promise, last reminders:

* If you first left-click it you’ll get a higher quality jpg that you can right-click save.
** The template’s designed to fit either twice or 4 times on a regular A4 (and I’m pretty sure Letter too). Just don’t forget to select the number of copies to be printed after you choose the format.