Due to new and old friends, careful planning, but mostly circumstances and sheer dumb luck, this season’s Paris Fashion Week has been an unforgettable one.
And, Alber Elbaz’s 10 year anniversary at Lanvin was only one of the perks of this latest Parisian adventure. A breathtaking collection, Alber Elbaz singing Que sera, sera, an autographed invitation by Dita Von Teese herself (yes, bad news for us normal people, she looks just as perfect in real life, as she does in pictures!), champagne, cake, Pink Martini, and Anna Dello Russo sitting across the runway, Scott Schuman filming a dancing Garance Doré … and so much more, it was truly a magical night. Because when everything is basking in a pink hue, and especially after a glass, or two, of champagne, how could things be anything other than perfect?
Just in case you don’t trust the photographic evidence, ask the Fabulous Muses, Tales for Juliette, or One Man’s Case, because they were all there to dance, play, and have all kinds of naughty fun, under the pink glitter.
*Photos courtesy of the a&a (awesome, and amazing, of course) Ale K Sandra
and my trusty iPhone.