It’s been almost a year since I started blogging, and around 5 years since I started becoming aware of the phenomenon. How much this entitles me to give advice on blogging techniques, or etiquette I could not say. Yet since a lot of you asked for my opinion on various blog related topics, I decided to share the little that I know so far.
So let us start with the basics, the who, how, what, when, where, and why.
“Well, this is obvious! ME!” you’ll probably say when seeing this headline, but I’m asking which you? Is it the “I just woke up, I’ll blog in my pjs” or the “I hope my boss isn’t seeing me blog”? I hope it’s neither of these two because making an effort to allocate time, space, and other resources to this will really make a difference in the quality of your blogging.
With passion, dedication and commitment. And correctly! Whether you’re writing in your first language or not, spellcheckers come in every language, so no one is excused from using them.
One of the most important ideas which formed the basis of my blog was to have an entirely original content. And with a couple of rare exceptions, up to now I managed to do so. Still, not all blogs are alike, or should be alike for that matter. Thus it is more than understandable to use content from alternative sources, but it is never understandable not to reference them.
With websites like weheartit or those on tumblr adequate referencing can be, at times, quite tricky. If you really can’t find it it’s ok, yet not spending the extra 5-10 minutes to research the source of a quote, or photo is not acceptable behavior. Forget to reference something and be sure that others will forget to reference to you.
As for the actual content, just try to be as original as possible, and always be true to yourself. Writing about things you like will be ten times easier, and more enjoyable, that about what everyone else is writing. If you must write something that someone else already wrote, than try to add your own twist to it. Substance and consistency are the key to good blogging.
This is usually up to everyone’s daily schedule and inner rhythm. I for one do my research in the evening, and continue to write during the night. There is something about the still and quite of the night that is both comforting and inspiring.
As for the photos, unless I need some party photos or other low light shoots for which I use a flash, I like to have as much natural light as possible. Remember that the best hours for shooting in natural light are during the morning, with the worst being between 12.00-14.00 when the sun is at its strongest and it creates very strong and unappealing shadows. The afternoon is not bad, just don’t forget that during those hours the intensity and color of the light can change rather rapidly leading to a photo shoot that looks far from consistent and put together.
As for which are the best hours to post at, it usually depends on which hemisphere represents your main target audience. Still, if you want to get more details on the matter try this article from ProBlogger.
Whether you have a home office or not, a space that is exclusively dedicated to blogging is a must. This means a big enough space to host your laptop or personal computer, a cup of coffee and a notebook. As I’m sure you know inspiration for blogging comes from everywhere, so it would be good  to have some space for various books and magazines too.
Although very tempting, the bed is usually not the best place to blog from as your brain most probably associates it with rest and relaxation. And these are two things that shouldn’t interfere with your blogging concentration. Other distractions such as TV, the obsessive (is it just me?) need to continuously check social networking websites, friends, boyfriend etc should also be avoided.
Treat blogging as seriously as you yourself want to be treated, and it will reward you immensely.
For fun! And most importantly, for you!