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You don’t mess with the Supreme.

Lately I’ve been using this quote quite a lot to hit at my own totalitarian tendencies. Yet, as it usually happens, we attract what we manifest, thus during the course of this past week I have come to the conclusion that there is another Supreme which is not to be messed with: Supreme Gallery. I’m sure a lot of you are already familiar with this beautiful Art Deco infused space, still let me tell you that this Valentine’s Day, when it comes to Objects of Desire you simply don’t mess with the Supreme.

And there’s more: The person how can collect the most likes when sharing this photo on their personal facebook page gets to win a set of two Venetian crystal glasses!

In the mean time, I have taken the liberty to compile a list of suggestions, but fret not because if you need any further assistance there are more than a couple of trusty advisors to guide you at Supreme Gallery.

Tudor Stefan Str, Sector 1, Bucharest
+4 021 230 0103

For Her

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her 42

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For Him

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him 23

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For the Both of You