Since I’ve spent most of this week in bed or at the doctor’s due to various health issues *worry not, good witches don’t disappear that easily* I got to enjoy the things around me more than I got to collect memories. Because honestly, how many moments worth remembering can you create with your doctor?!
So to make a not so long story even shorter.. my week was all about…

… Receiving wonderful surprises at my front door, from the newest must watch brand, Geeks & Stitches!

… Spending time with new shoes.

… Redecorating the Home with vintage Chanel and new Atelier Anda Roman.

… Enjoying some more new shoes.

… Receiving even more surprises, this time from my girl Catalina.
… dressed up the walls with some more goodness from Atelier Anda Roman.
… Completing the home with a couple of lovebirds.
Hope you have a wonderful next week, darlings!