With Bonus Card shopping is not only a therapy session, but a workout session, as well. Plus, a giveaway winner!

After my recent experience with BONUS CARD by Garanti Bank I realized that shopping is not only my amateur psychologist, as I fully understood what Miss Bradshaw meant when she said that “shopping is my cardio”! Considering the vast network of Bonus Card partners it’s no surprise that besides a therapy session I benefited from a complete workout session as well. From Carturesti Verona, to Baneasa Shopping City, from Victoria 46 to Collective, it was nothing less than a marathon that left me pleasantly exhausted.
I was in wonderland at the Carturesti bookshop with its wonderful selection of books, music, movies and, my great love, stationery. “New York, I love you”, Dominique Loreau’s L’Art de la Simplicité, Postcards from Penguin, The Essentials of Nina Simone, The Proust Questionnaire beautifully edited by Assouline, Alexander von Schönburg’s High Society, these all went straight in my fashionable bookshop basket. A couple of puzzles and an Adams Family notebook went in there as well, since we are all children at heart no matter how old we get.
I then went back to earth for some necessities shopping at Optiblu, where I restocked on contact lenses and eye drops. It seems that blogging and looking at a computer all day, everyday, does take its toll. And, to finish up the day, I went to fashion nirvana, browsing the selection at V46, but ultimately stopping at the contemporary and chic Collective. Here I bought the prettiest and shiniest trinket by Juicy Couture and a Calvin Klein surprise present for the boyfriend. Trust me when I say that the key to a successful and satisfactory shopping trip is to get something for others as well.
Some might say that shopping won’t fix the problem. And to that I say: “You’re right, shopping won’t fix the problem. But it will put me in a better mood for when I actually have to deal with it.” So enjoy your shopping therapy, ladies, and don’t forget to take your trusty sidekick with you, and that is BONUS CARD by Garanti Bank, the card that made my wishes come true.

And now for the moment a lot of you have been waiting for … the winner of the 1.500 lei prize is … Nr.54 Mihaela Solomon! Congratulations and happy shopping with BONUS CARD!