After weeks and months of planning and preparation, I am finally able to show you my newest project. I have worked on the design, production, and concept, with love and care, and I literally couldn’t wait to present it to you. Because after I came back from Paris, I decided, with hope and courage, to go back to what I was always passionate about: the esthetically beautiful. This time expressed through a new jewelry line named in a minimalist and primordial manner, BONE.
So now that we have the concept, what should the first collection be about? Love is Dead is a collection with a spirit antithetical to romantic clichés. This first BONE collection is not intended as a manifesto against the general concept of romanticism and love, but only against superficial love which is being given and taken with great ease, and which came to define contemporary society.
Inspired by literature, music, and painting … Anna Karenina, Wagner’s Isolde, Ophelia, both the one outlined by Shakespeare, and the one painted by Millais, the classic Juliet, Madam Butterfly, Sibyl Vane, that of Nabokov, but especially the one described by Oscar Wilde, were all women who lived, fought, and died for love.
At the same time sensitive and strong, instinctive and rational, romantic and nonconformist, colorful and morbid, innocent and daring, this is a collection that tries to represent the complexity offemininity, distancing itself from the stereotypes usually associate with the feminine gender. Love is Dead is for the woman who only takes calculated risks, but never stopped believing in magic.
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Mint Margarita
Aurora Red
Rose Smoke
Aqua Teal
Fusion Coral
All necklaces by BONE. I do hope you love.