So in rainy/snowy London I am and I do am loving every minute of it. Perhaps because most of these minutes are spend inside warm, well-lit spaces otherwise known as stores or shops. Well, this is the shopping season isn’t it? :):):)

But I can’t stay very long, people to see, place to go, things to buy *giggles* . . thus a photo post this will be.

Topshop loves MiuMiu
but then again I do love Topshop, so be prepared for more
sweet holiday indulgence with a box of special edition macaroons 🙂
somehow, H&M accessories alway manages to look good
now, I know I’m becoming quite mainstream with my shopping choices, and it’s actually rather a cliche buying from the two best known initials, yet . .
 just take a look at these LV booties!!!
What girl could have said no? :)Stay tuned for more!