What did you expect, an exploding pen?
… Said the new Q to Daniel Craig’s interpretation of Bond, James Bond.
As you can already deduce, and as I can conclude after the premiere of the new James Bond movie, Skyfall (*warning, spoilers ahead*), there are no exploding pens, and no fancy gadgets. There are, however, plenty of other explosions and car chases. There is, in accordance to Hollywood’s new take on heroes and superheros, an aged, and wrinkled version of Daniel Craig, who ultimately prevails due to intelligence and kindheartedness (cliché anyone?). And, there is a blond Javier Bardem which makes for a delicious villain, bien sûr. There’s also Ben Whishaw, who embodies a delightfully nerdy Q. Still, there are no powerful or remotely inspirational female figures in sight.
After only 5 minutes on screen, Judi Dench‘s M. makes an unforgivable mistake, and is later on asked to retire, which she denies to do. Except that by the end of the movie she dies, and is replaced by a man, a man who may be Ralph Fiennes, but is still a man. Eve (Naomie Harris) too makes a mistake, I know, shock of all shocks, and ultimately goes from field agent to “personal assistant”… As for Sévérine (the french Bérénice Marlohe), she’s simply captivating. That is for the 10 minutes that she’s on screen until she’s shot for no other reason than to show just how evil and soulless Bardem’s villain is. Have you seen any movie starring Javier Bardem, have you seen his ability to fully and unconditionally incarnate any character? Was that little plot twist really necessary?
So, did I expect an exploding pen? No. But I did expect to relate to at least one female figure on screen for more than a few minute. Hence, in its absence, when it’s all said and done, when it’s all shot, set on fire, and/or dead, at least one exploding pen would have been nice.
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