“Voyeurism is the cheapest addiction out there.” We live by likes and shares, and self-promoting is the newest must-have “job”. Yet, while that is the sad truth, this is one instance when you will be eager to like and share: the release of ALL HOLLOW, Spring Issue 2013.

It’s a mesmerizing and fascinating issue that will take you from highs to lows, and back again. It’s an issue full of color, vibrance and life, an issue about survival and about what it takes to survive. It’s an issue with pages worth framing, and a few not worth discussing. But more than anything, an issue which is so personal that it is best if everyone filters it through their own screen of thoughts and feelings.

That being said, there’s nothing else to add on this lazy Sunday afternoon other than: see you tonight in Bucharest @ All Hollow Party!


Find ALL HOLLOW on their blog, and on their Facebook page.