Oui, oui, Paris. 

Just like Cole Porter, regardless of the love-hate relationship that I generally have with Paris, I do love it when it sizzles. And it especially does during the fashion extravaganza, madness, circus, feast, and whatever else you would like to call it which is Paris Fashion Week

Thus, as I am literally typing this I am also making a mental plan of my Parisian days and nights to come, outfits and all. And what better advisor for this task than the fantastic Net-a-Porter

Classy, timeless, understated, luxurious, and ultimately elegant, that is my Net-A-Porter selection for this Paris Fashion Week. And it is a perfect time to show Madame Menkes that not all of us want to turn fashion into a circus. So, no matter if you’ll be part of it virtually or physically, stay elegant, and enjoy!


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