There’s something about the smell of paper that I can never resist. And it was this very weakness that lead to what I believe to be an amazing experience. Let me start from the beginning. In a recent post while trying to grasp the rapid evolution of technology, I was complaining about not having the possibility of getting Dazed & Confused magazine. Now I know what you might say, ‘it’s only a magazine, get over it’. Yet anyone who has spend more than a couple of days with me knows that this is a legitimate complaint. And it was Clare from Tweet who took it as such. When she first suggested to send me the coveted mag, I though ‘oh look, such a nice person, but it’s OK, really I’ll live.’ Still, she was determined to stick with the offer and after a bit of debating we settled on a plan: blogger pen pals. So simple, so classic, or better yet classy, simply perfect.
It is my pleasure to present you with the content of the first two parcels that I found in the mail. These consisted in two issues of Dazed and Confused, one of which came with an issue of Ctrl+Alt+Shift. While they’re all full of precious information, ideas and inspiration, I will only present you with a few of these in the current post. More will be presented in the little side column section that you might have noticed on the right. Speaking of, for the ones who haven’t figured it out yet, if you click on the custom vintage envelope with Clare’s name on it, it will, indeed, direct you to her lovely blog.

Let’s start by taking a look at the April issue of Dazed, which has a Music x Fashion Special. So one of the features was, of course, on Massive Attack and their approach to video making. Bellow you can see a still from Splitting The Atom by Baillie Walsh.

For any punk lover, and not only, Stavin’ Chains is a band to watch out for. Five London teens “drunk on DIY values” show the optimism in punk, while trying to rid the term of its negative connotations through unforgettable performances.
We’re staying in the DIY section, and moving in the post-punk period with Linder Sterling, the shock-provoking feminist and designer.
Liberty seems to be doing a lot of collaborations lately, including one with Carla Sozzani’s 10 Corso Como for a 60’s-inspired capsule collection for both women and men.
Dazed talks hypnotic music with psychedelic dreamers Gonjasufi and The Gaslamp Killer. According to the latter, contrary to what one might assume, their music is “to crazy to listen to on drugs. I don’t think it’s safe for someone who’s in a vulnerable position.” Can’t share any thoughts about the sound just yet, but the imagery accompanying the article is amazing.
Moving on to the girls, Dazed inteviews the front-women of Sian Alice Group and Esben And The Witch, two British dark ambiental pop bands. In the picture shown below, Sian wears a cape from The Girl Can’t Help It at Alfie’s Antiques Market with a Beyond Retro skirt. Rachel wears a coat and wolf (yes, wolf) fur shrug from Camden Passage Market, with Peter Pilotto shorts.

Riley, Elvis’ granddaughter, is fashionable and quite edgy in one of the fashion editorials . . .

And the boys are not forgotten in fashion editorial featuring Adam and Theo, from British electro pop duo, Hurts.
As I was saying, the April issue of Dazed came with goodies in the form of Volume 2 Issue 1 of Ctrl + Alt + Shift. It was my first encounter with this mag which has a tagline that states “Current affairs with a double shot of tequila.” And that it did provide, except that the double shot was metaphoric, yet the overall feeling proved quite similar. Although you know that the real, more negative effects will, without a doubt, show up soon, you’re still enjoying the temporary buzz. Still the magazine is promoting itself as a sort of what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of deal, buy two and get none free! Seems fair enough.

On the them of the current issue . . .

No magazine about youth against the system is complete without a feature on the iconic Vivienne Westwood, this time on her collaboration with Mellisa.
And among many others, there’s also some interesting street art. Do check out the magazine’s online site if you want to contribute, support or even just look around. I found it to be worth it and every bit does help in shaping our world the way we want it to be.
The theme of May’s issue of Dazed is ‘The Naked Truth’ and that is what it is presenting us, the truth, as usual, along with a bit more nudity than usual. I did note an article on PA magazine, a new annual photo art mag curated by artist Doug Aitken. Seems like it’s full of dreamy images, yet with no advertising and no agenda, how could anyone ask for more? If any of you Californians can get a hold of it, do, I’m sure you won’t regret it!
Dazed continues to talk about dreamers in a feature on Fred Parry. Yet it is not the Wimbledon champion, who started it all, that they are referring to, but rather the kids that made the brand cool. Thus the brands as it is now seems more in tune with British subculture and the underground music scene, than with the sports brand it was originally designed to be.
An ad for Insight got my attention, or better yet the message that it’s sending. ‘Repeat after me: I AM FREE’ Although we theoretically know this, sometimes we as as if this wouldn’t be true at all, so do try to keep in mind this.
I’m still ecstatic to have found an article on Fluxus, the anti-consumerism, anti-art movements which officially started in the 60s influenced by John Cage’s music. It’s interesting that on my recent trip to NY, while visiting MoMA, I actually first found out about Fluxus. So to see it now, not just illustrated, but explained in more detail, in Dazed is really a treat.

We’re getting more in the nakedness of things with a series of images from leading photographers and artists which illustrate what the word ‘Naked’ means to them. Bellow you can see Mark Segal’s interpretation of Naked Hollywood.

There are also naked artists at work. An article on the cult artist Al Jarnow, who was at the forefront of computer animation, written by his son Jesse Jarnow is a must read.

Models are the one’s taking it all off, first with the naked young lady . . .

. . . and then with the half naked young couple in edgy and mysterious fashion editorials, just the way Dazed fashion editorials are meant to be.
So here you have it. For anyone who has already seen and/or read these issues of Dazed, I apologise for the redundancy, but I believe you can understand my excitement. For everyone else, I suggest you either get the magazine, or at least check it out online.

Also, if this idea inspired you in any way, go ahead and find a blogger pen friend! And do let us know, we’d love to hear how it’s working out for you. So here’s to the beginning of a lot of beautiful friendships!


The latest of the two packages also came with a lovely surprise which I though I’ll keep as a surprise to you too, and show it in a future post, but I just cannot help myself. Clare also send me a beautiful vintage scarf as it would suit my hair colour. I just love it, on the one hand because the gesture was just so unexpected and sweet, and on the other, because it really does go with my hair and it’s exactly what I would have gotten for myself as well! So here’s a sneak preview and an outfit post featuring ‘her’ (the scarf, yes) to follow soon!