Naked for art, women stereotypes, twitter bullies, vintage ads, witches, strong female characters, and alien goddess Tilda Swinton, let’s take a look at the most notable links to surface the internet these couple of weeks.

So, how has the internet been treating you ladies, lately?

Lady Gaga strips for Marina Abramovic. Actually, to be completely honest it’s for Abramovic’s Kickstarter Museum / art project. Oh, just take a look over at The Verge, and remember it’s nsfw.


Tilda does it better as our alien goddess on the cover of W Korea. Trend Hunter

There is a house in New Orleans. And it’s coming to a screen near you because the first promo for American Horror Story‘s 3rd season is already out!


Since we’re on the subject of strong female characters, there are 11 filmmakers who expertly answered the question “Why Do You Write Strong Female Characters?” on BuzzFeed.


We’re still on BuzzFeed, but this time we’re confronted with 10 vintage ads that made women look like, bluntly put, idiots.

And it sadly seems that misogyny, in its true sense of hatred and dislike towards women or girls, is still more actually than we would care to admit #twitterjerks NowThis News

In A World… where women are treated like it’s 1955, you just have to SPEAK UP AND LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD. InAWorld Movie


Because, if you didn’t know, most Hollywood screenwriters used to be women. BuzzFeed

I hope you enjoyed this week’s trip down the internet rabbit hole, bumps in the night and all.