moonchild by Fashezine

We’ve known each other for quite some time and it was love at first sight. Still, even if it started out as incredibly fun, the original fascination proved to be short lived. The novelty began to wear out. I had not more patience, and it seemed  as if it had nothing more to offer. So we parted ways amiably.
Yet it seems that I was greatly mistaken. For we’ve recently crossed paths only to rediscover that we still have so much in common. Discover. Create. Shop. Interact and connect with other likeminded people. Discover fashion trends and start new ones. I’m talking about Polyvore of course :)I’ve always loved doing collages, and it’s needless to say that Polyvore is the place to be for anyone who shares this passion. The fun thing is that you can mix and match not only fashion items, but virtually any images that you find online. But I’m sure you’re all at least familiar with the concept behind it. The one who needed reminding of the vastity and diversity of Polyvore items was actually me.

Because expressing your style is not the only thing you can do on Polyvore, but also discover so many new and interesting things from around the world. I’ve learned, for example, how  my daily browsing of Net-a-Porter does not ensure that I know all of their products.

What is more, I keep discovering new online stores with the most interesting of items. As one who is not a fan of jeans, I was surprised to find some trendy G star jeans at and include a pair in one of my sets, as you can see bellow . .

I’ve discovered that clogs can indeed look good in an outfit (sorry, I was not convinced until now)

That my dark side can be both shiny . .


spellbound by Fashezine

. . and romantic.

And why so much talk of a dark side? Because I’m uber excited about my new Witching Hour set, which I hope you’ll enjoy. Also I’m sure you know Nookie‘s extensive Polyvore profile, but do also check out Insomnia‘s brand new one!
What about YOU? Who’s on polyvore?
And . . . just before I wrap up, I must mention the fashionable girls from Bucharest style who were sweet enough to feature me in their Inspirational style section with a mini interview. Do check it out here 🙂

As always . .