The beauty of lazy Sunday mornings when warm and yellow Sun rays peak in from behind the bedroom curtains can only be enhanced by having your breakfast in bed. And if you have someone to prepare and bright it to you, well . . that’s only the caramel on the tart 🙂
And in matters of such great importance, like breakfast in bed, Jamie knows best. I’ve recently discovered his 30 Minute Meals series and decided to give one of the desserts a try as a breafast treat: Quick Portuguese Tarts. All you need is:
1 pack of 375g of puff pastry
125g crème fraîche
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla paste / vanilla extract
5 tablespoons golden caster sugar
1 orange
         ground cinnamon
         plain flour (for dusting)
Mind you, he says this is for six tarts, yet my puff pastry shell turned out too thick, and I also had some leftover cream, so, with the same quantities, I will do at least eight next time. Because yes, there will most certainly be a next time, as they are delicious!
Now that you have the ingredients, I will leave the actual intructions to the professionals:
Serve with freshly squeezed orange juice, a couple of orange wedges, sit back and . .