Dream Size Zero
To have a very unique style and showcase that style with sets of high quality photos are not easy tasks. Yet, there are people who do that, and more, in a very natural and personal way. And I am very proud to say that one of those persons is my close friend, Iulia Burtea, and luckily, she has started to share her style through her new blog, Dream Size Zero. So what better choice for the first blogger feature of the year than a fresh young blog? Here are ten things I love about Dream Size Zero’s Iulia.
An original and individual style
I`m very much in love with everything out-dated, I`m either mad about dressing up or preoccupied with dressing down. I developed my personal style while always trying to avoid anything “right” and commonly accepted as fashionable. If i were to choose a few style labels, I would say I`m both pop and grunge, i go for trashy-sexy looks and I almost never choose girly and romantic outfits. I always leave my style at the mercy of my moody personality.
A very particular affinity for clothes and fabrics
My love affair with clothing and accessories started no different than any other girl`s. Maybe it just developed somewhat differently, and with a definite repulsion for cliches. It all began when i felt literally in love with my brown and creamy beige leather pochette and started wearing it even at home. When i realised there are clothes that make me feel pretty and clothes that cause me headaches. When i started sewing hats and jeans for my dolls. I guess i was about 3-4yo.
In a parallel universe, I would be happy if I were a piece of shredded fabric in neon colors. Even happier if worn by a girl with blonde hair, small boobs and even smaller brains, as I would be responsible of making her personality look wow.
Her wonderful style influences
I remember my mom, in the late 80s, when i was only a few yo. Every day of the week, at 8am she would leave home wearing the highest stilettos, classic coats and envelope clutches. Very smart and elegant. And she had the most exquisite accessory, that nobody dares to wear in the morning when heading to their workplace nowadays – a gorgeous and happy smile.
Her fresh inspiration 
I find people’s moods, my feelings and limitations to be the most unexpected and rich  sources of inspiration. Way above fashion shows, fashion magazines and famous fashion editors` personal styles.
Self-expression values
I have no other expectations for my blog but to inspire other girls to care less about the big fashion industry and invest more in developing their creative self. It is way more important to get in touch with your expressive means and explore them in every possible way, than always trying to keep up with everything mainstream.
A richly varied bookmark list
I strongly recommend your blog to everyone I know, as it is a personal style blog built in the direction i am interested in, very sincere, lyrical and profesional.  There are also a few other Romanian fashion blogs I like and apreciate, like Medine`s pretaprotester. But i would also mention an online journal that could serve as an inspirational boost to everyone who has a passion for discovering the daily beauty and suffering habits of any girl in her 20s, thepleasurist.com. And please do not let aitchmade.blogspot.com outside your bookmarks list.
Her perfectly tailored clothes and quirky accessories

I can wear almost any label, but if I were to name some I really love no matter how fashionable and mainstream are they, I would name Margiela and Rick Owens.  Anyway, regardless of label, a tailor I trust and been working with since highschool customizes any piece of clothing in my wardrobe that does not fit me perfectly.

I`m not that much into jewelry or accessories, but I have a few pieces that I sometimes cannot leave the house without: the twins Hungarian designer necklaces, the bloody scissor pendant from Ann Demeleumeester or the antibiotic ring from Laquay.
Free-spirited advice

Free your mind. And free your wallet with no regrets when finding something you really fall for, but keep in mind it should always be chic and representative of you. Nevermind what bloggers like us or fashion magazines teach you to buy and apreciate. Just be yourself and never give up trying to turn the whole world your way.

As for the current season . .
1. Wear jeans as rare as possible.
2. Do not be afraid to be stuck in the 70s when it comes to shoes; they had both the most confortable and the highest heels back then.
3. Always wear ankle boots barelegged.
A sparkling spontaneity  
When undecided, depressed or just in a hurry I go for silky, skinny, shiny. Plus a wild hairdo and a „high heels forever” attitude.
And beautiful spirit

I totally love all the 5 AMs, sharing my secrets, feeling silly and acting childish. I love boys, children and girlfriends. I love confessions, of a shopaholic or not 🙂