The enthusiasm with which she approaches fashion. Speaking about LFW highlights . .

Most of London Fashion Week is a highlight to be honest! It’s such a fun and exciting place to be, some aspects are exactly as you’d imagine them but other aspects, like the bitchiness, is completely wrong. I loved the Ashish show, it was just so much fun, there’s no way you can’t like a sequin cowboy shirt! Christopher Kane is always a favourite of mine, I loved the patterns and colour palette he used this season. Burberry Prorsum also had great colour choices this season, it’s good to see some bright colours coming through all over the catwalks!

Her heartwarming tips for the current season

Layers! I’m going to be wrapping myself up warm with plenty of autumnal coloured socks, chunky knits and buttery leathers. I may even opt for a plum coloured hat with a feather in but we’ll see how brave I’m feeling…

You should know that she has a special affinity for black and leather. Need I say more? 

My style is very much a little bit of everything, the only constant is a pair of thick black tights, I rarely ever wear trousers. At the moment I’m never seen without a leather jacket, black chelsea boots, denim cut offs and a stripy top. I’m looking forward to it being cold enough to wear big coats and scarves! As trademark pieces go, I’d probably opt for the thick black tights! Some of my best friends have never seen me in anything else! Or my leather jacket…

And we also aim at the same dream job 🙂

I’ve always (well not when I was little, I wanted to be a mechanic…) said I want to be Editor of Vogue, might as well aim high! In real life, I’m in Fourth year of University studying Fashion Promotion in Lancashire and I am the Content Editor of Manchester Fashion Network, so I end up doing a lot of interviews and going to a lot of parties…

Her pure interest in the DIY culture

I love seeing DIY projects on blogs, when I was 16 I discovered Susie’s blog (Style Bubble) and spent literally hours poring over her early DIY projects. They really interest me and I love to see how normal people are inspired by designers to create something unique that they could never obtain otherwise.

The ‘Tweet’ in her blog name is also connected with DIY values . . . When I was in Sixth Form I decided to make and sell jewellery, it was all in the shape of birds in leather so Tweet seemed to be the obvious choice! I created my blog to showcase the jewellery and my art work years ago and then left it dormant while I was studying and rediscovered it this year! If you go back to the very beginning you can see some silly doodles and birdy jewellery from when I was younger…

 The patience she has for Manicure DIYs (!)

It’s only been a recent hobby, I had bitten my nails all of my life and stopped overnight earlier this year. I just got a bit excited that I actually had nails for once and could use them as little canvases. I like to experiment and draw inspiration from all over the place, people never seem to realise how easy they are to do!

 Her amazing choice of designer to promote on her blog

I’ve always loved supporting new designers, I worked at Fashion156 last year who are an online magazine pretty much devoted to new designers so that’s probably where my love of them comes from. It’s wonderful to be able to follow someone’s career as they develop and to be able to support them from the very beginning.

I find them by spending a lot of time on the Internet! I often spend hours on Not Just A Label and Ftape looking for inspiration. I also follow a lot of students’ careers through University websites and people that I know through working in the industry.

The belief that fashion is truly a dreamland

I have noticed a lot of designers going a bit mad recently, they seem to be embracing excess in a time when everyone else is scrimping and saving. Fashion is always seen as an escape from the real World, so throughout history you always see fashion flourish when times are hard.

The love she has for her family. Asked who she would have dinner with, if it could be anyone in the world . .

Let’s go with my Mum and my Sister, they are the most fun over dinner, we generally laugh more than we eat!

Her wonderfully geeky nature

I love films, I’ve always been brought up with my Mum’s good taste and having zillions of videos on the shelves. I’m also a bit of comedy geek, actually scrap that, I’m a geek in general… I love Vic and Bob, Adam and Joe, webcomics,Professor Brian Cox, all things Apple and boy films… Please don’t think less of me!